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Ronaldo Fierro has been a tireless advocate for our priorities on the Riverside City Council, leading efforts to rebuild the middle class by bringing good paying jobs to our region, keeping local families In their homes through affordable housing solutions and making Riverside a leader in the global fight against climate change. In Sacramento, Ronaldo will continue these efforts and deliver results for our region.


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Ronaldo Fierro is a small businessowner, City Councilmember, and father who has dedicated his life to serving our community. On the Riverside City Council, Ronaldo has taken the lead on the challenges facing our region. In response to the homelessness crisis, he has fought for affordable housing, expanded mental health services, and protected our business corridors, parks, and neighborhoods through investments in public safety, 9-1-1 emergency response and fire protection.


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At 25, Ronaldo opened his first restaurant “The Salted Pig,” and a few years later opened a second bar and restaurant, “W. Wolfskill.” As a small business owner who weathered the challenges of the pandemic, Ronaldo knows what it means to balance budgets and make payroll – in good times and bad. The Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce named Ronaldo as their Small Business Owner of the Year. Ronaldo has taken the same innovative approach to City Hall – where he led numerous economic recovery efforts ahead of federal and state relief during the wake of the pandemic.


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Ronaldo was born and raised in the Inland Empire. His father was a farmworker who built his own successful business from the ground up. Working in the family business, Ronaldo learned the importance of hard work and perseverance. Ronaldo attended Notre Dame High School, Riverside Community College, and California School of Culinary Arts. He has served on the boards of Path of Life, helping people overcome homelessness, and CivicWell, a nonprofit dedicated to combating climate change. Ronaldo lives in Riverside with his wife Sheena and their 10-year-old daughter, Luna.

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