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As a small business owner, public servant, and father, Ronaldo Fierro knows that we need innovative solutions to address the issues impacting all Californians. In the Assembly, Ronaldo will champion those solutions.

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As a parent, Ronaldo knows that for our communities to thrive we must keep our families and neighborhoods safe. On the Budget Engagement Commission and on the City Council, Ronaldo has worked to preserve and increase investments in public safety, protect our business corridors, parks, and neighborhoods, and improve 9-1-1 response times and fire protection. In the Assembly, Ronaldo will deliver the resources we need to combat illicit drugs and gang violence and fight to strengthen gun violence prevention so we can raise our families in safe and healthy neighborhoods.

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An award-winning small business owner, Ronaldo knows that to grow our economy, we need to create good paying jobs that provide a pathway to a strong, thriving middle class. As the Chair of the City Council’s Economic Development Committee, Ronaldo knows what it takes to make the California Dream possible for everyone – whether it be through investing in career pathway programs or ensuring working men and women having a living wage. In the Assembly, Ronaldo will cut through bureaucratic red tape that stifles growth and deliver resources for small business owners as we continue rebuilding from the pandemic.

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Soaring housing costs have made the dream of owning a home unattainable for far too many in our district – we must develop more affordable housing quickly. On the City Council, Ronaldo has seen firsthand the bureaucratic challenges that have stood in the way housing and homelessness solutions. Ronaldo believes government agencies must stop wasting time, end the finger pointing, and make visible progress in getting our vulnerable populations off the streets and into permanent housing. As an Assemblymember, Ronaldo will work to streamline the building of more affordable housing developments and fight to ensure we get our fair share from Sacramento in mental health and substance abuse resources so we can invest in solutions that deliver real results.

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On the City Council, Ronaldo led with purpose to fight the pandemic, witnessing the shortcomings of our healthcare system. Ronaldo will invest in our region’s healthcare infrastructure, ensuring all Californians have access to quality healthcare. He will work to solve the Inland Empire’s physician shortage, increase funding for community health clinics, expand Medi-Cal and Medicaid coverage, and champion policies that address the root causes of healthcare disparities in historically underserved populations. Facing the reality of a post-Roe world, Ronaldo will fight fiercely to protect abortion rights and access to reproductive healthcare.

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Ronaldo knows ensuring our children receive a top-notch education is central to fostering a more prosperous Inland Empire and California. Ronaldo will deliver strategic investments in state-of-the-art STEM and vocational training programs that open doors for our youth, including critically needed skills to close the trades workforce shortage. He will make reducing class sizes a central priority, delivering a fair share of investments to make our public schools the envy of the world once again. Believing that every student deserves the opportunity to succeed, Ronaldo will expand programs that help all students get the education they deserve without being saddled with crippling debt, ensuring we build a stronger, more accessible middle-class.

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Ronaldo knows climate change is the greatest existential threat facing our planet. He has led transformative efforts to combat the climate crisis and clean our air, including spearheading the creation of Riverside’s Office of Sustainability and the adoption of a landmark policy requiring the City of Riverside meet carbon-zero by 2040. Ronaldo will take on the climate crisis by championing innovative policies to make Riverside a hub for research and development of new technologies to combat climate change, reduce carbon emissions by investing in clean energy sources including wind, solar and geothermal energy, incentivizing energy efficiency standards, and working toward a 100% renewable energy future. 

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